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Rosa Group Consulting

Grow to Your Full Potential

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Hi, I'm John Rosa,
a Skilled Management Support Professional. 

I am here to help you sow the foundational seeds of business and watch them grow. With 12+ years of experience in management and Real Estate, I know what it takes to build a successful team, develop personal growth, and organize systems to be set up for success. From the ground up, Rosa Group Consulting can help you grow your business and maximize your full potential.

What Can I Do For You?

No project is too out there for us. Lets help you grow to your full potential!

Professional Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with a lead RG consultant to analyze your business and management needs, investigate areas for improvement, and create an action plan that can help grow your skills as a leader. Online or in person, these sessions are designed to give you a master class in business management. 

Real Estate Consulting

Whether its learning how to get into the rental market and manage your investments, short sale investments or diversifying your real estate portfolio, our consultants will teach you the skills and strategies needed to succeed in this field. From "High risk, High reward" to passive scalable income, we will help you grow to your full potential. 

Media & Broadcast

Are you looking to launch a podcast or radio show? We're here to help you get started or grow your current show. From tools and equipment to buy, to hosting sites and media/promotion, we'll make sure you stand out from the rest!

Brand Identity Analysis

When it comes to business, branding and social media presence is just as vital as the product or services you offer. A specialized RG Consultant will analyze your current branding and online presence. Get insight on how your business can grow its brand identity and discuss logos, websites, printed materials, social media management and content creation. Together, a RG Consultant will help create a plan that can help boost your brand's identity and online presence in the modern world. 

Data & Research

Whether its research for a new product launch, market survey for real estate comps or finding the perfect demographic for your business, Our team of research specialist will gather information and present you clear, detailed information to help you move forward with your business needs. Knowledge is power and we aim to arm you with the latest and most vital information for your business. 

Marketing Strategy Session

Looking to roll out a new product or service and want to make sure it hits as many prospective clients or customers? These Marketing Strategy Sessions are designed to help you think outside the box to help maximize your potential and get as many eyes on your business as possible. 

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